Get your 8mm films, VHS tapes, and more converted onto a USB!


Make any occasion meaningful with a custom slideshow

Legacy Videos

Get a video created of your loved one talking about their life story

Memorial Videos

Memorial videos involve us using pictures and/or videos you provide of your loved one and creating a loving video to remember someone special who has passed away. Once we edit your video we will send you a Google Drive link of it. We make adjustments needed for you to be 100% satisfied


Get a stunning slideshow created from your own photos/videos/music. Once we finalize your requested changes your HD slideshow will be available to download and keep forever. We make adjustments needed for you to be 100% satisfied

Legacy Videos

Have a loved one who should have their life story documented? Legacy Videos are a great way to document and preserve a video about a person in your life. We will sit down with them in an interview style fashion – asking them questions you request/approve about their life and editing into one beautiful video


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