Founder of Everlasting Studios: Liam Martyn

Liam Martyn


Our Story

My name is Liam Martyn and I grew in London, Ontario. I’ve been editing videos for over 7 years and pursued filmmaking full time after I graduated from Western University in 2020. I was hired by companies like College Pro, Ryobi and Milwaukee Tools & placed 3rd in a MotionVFX international filmmaking competition under my freelance company Martyn Media Productions. While MMP worked with businesses, I was also operating a family-focused media production business called Everlasting Studios that would eventually become my sole focus in 2022.

I was lucky enough to grow up in the early 2000’s with a family that used video cameras for trips, celebrations, and more that we can now look back on. I began this journey of digitizing old films back in September 2020 when I found old 8mm films of my grandparents, which was when I first learned about how these films worked and how to bring them into the security of the digital world. I bought the equipment and used my editing experience to create and organize these files for my entire family. Once Christmas came around I had done this for all of our 8mm, VHS, and videocassette tapes and distributed these precious memories to my family on their own USBs. We are now able to watch these videos conveniently knowing they are safely stored, and I have set out to do the same for others!

Furthermore, as a filmmaker who loves documenting moments in my life through picture and video, I decided to sit down with my maternal grandparents in 2020 and create their ‘life stories’ by asking them many questions about their life. I filmed them answering all of these and then used my editing experience to create what I called their “Legacy Video”. I then built a structure around these questions, bought better equipment, and did the same with my parents. After seeing the impact of these videos and hearing feedback from others, I began offering this service to others.

Then in December 2020 I made my first memorial video for my deceased paternal grandparents who mean the world to me from all of the films I digitized a few months earlier. I eventually made another memorial slideshow for a family friend and a wedding video for my cousin in June 2022, which has expanded into our slideshow services where we offer many types of custom, professional slideshows to make every occasion meaningful.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to capture precious memories and have them last forever

Our Vision

To allow future generations to easily look back on their loved ones’/ancestors’ lives at anytime 

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