Get your 8mm films, VHS tapes, and more converted onto a USB!


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Get your 8mm films, VHS tapes, and more converted onto a USB stick!

Why Choose us

convenient viewing

Your files will be stored on a USB stick - which can easily be plugged into most devices and played right away

preserve quality

Physical films like Super8 & VHS deteriorate over time and collect dust, by converting your films to digital they will never deteriorate again


Unlike large transfer businesses, we don't ship your films to get digitized somewhere else - everything is done faster and for less money right here in our studio!

Premium Customer Service

We offer quick turnaround time, treat your films as if they were our own, respect the privacy of what footage is digitized, and have professional editing software to improve your video footage (see pricing below)

8mm/Super 8 Films

$ 30+
  • 3" (50ft length): $30 each
  • 5" (200ft length): $80 each
  • 7" (400ft length): $145 each
  • Sound: 25% additional cost
  • 1 USB included


$ 30+
  • VHS/VHS-C: $30 each
  • Video 8/Hi 8/Digital 8: $30 each
  • MiniDV/Audio cassettes: $30 each
  • DVD/CD: $35 each
  • 1 USB included


$ 0.65+
  • 1-299: $0.80 each
  • 300-999: $0.72 each
  • 1000+: $0.65 each
  • Slide formats: 35mm/110/126/8mm
  • 1 USB included


Old Films Degrade

Time takes a toll

From Super8 films to VHS tapes, all physical films degrade over time depending on where they are kept and for how long (VHS tapes degrade 10-20% over 10-25 years)

Digitizing Preserves

By converting old films into digital files, degrading no longer occurs! Your precious memories are now future proof and can be copied as many times as you like while retaining their quality

Save space

Through digitizing onto a USB stick, your films can now be easily transferred onto a computer, to the cloud, or other devices without taking up any physical space!

Film degrade Everlasting Studios Super 8 film 8mm film

Let's Preserve Precious Memories!

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