Legacy Videos

Have a loved one who should have their life story documented? Legacy Videos are a great way to document and preserve a video about a person in your life. We will sit down with them in an interview style fashion – asking them questions you request/approve about their life and editing into one beautiful video

Video Life Story of Loved One

Preserve Their Legacy

1. Detailed Questions

We have 50+ thoughtful life questions organized by 'phase of life' that can be used, or we can use any questions that you want!

2. Cinematic

Liam is a filmmaker with over 5 years of production experience and high end equipment to create a professional video of your loved one

3. Future Proof

A Legacy Video can be used to watch your loved one with your current family at anytime, as well as future generations forever!

Legacy Video Life Story Everlasting Studios Picture

Why Choose us

Legacy preservation

Legacy Videos are an amazing way to have your loved one's story readily available for your family's current and future generations. We pair meaningful questions with a professional & considerate interview-style approach

50+ pre-made questions

We have 50 optional pre-made questions we can ask, broken down in order by phase of life to tell their story in a linear and effective way

personalized location

We can travel in Vancouver or Burnaby to you or your loved one's residence to create a Legacy Video - If you are outside of this area and still want this service we can try to make arrangements

created by a local filmmaker

Professional filmmaking, high-end equipment & our passion for legacy building combines into your own beautiful Legacy Video that generations can view forever!


  • 15 Life Questions
  • 1 Camera Angle
  • HD Video File
  • 5 Added Pictures or Videos


  • 30 Life Questions
  • 2 Camera Angles
  • 4K Video File
  • 15 Added Pictures or Videos


  • 50 Life Questions
  • 2 Camera Angles
  • 4K Video File
  • 30 Added Pictures or Videos

Let's Make Something Meaningful

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