Shipping Guide

Before You Ship:

  • Make sure you are aware of our pricing, and have read and agree to our terms of service
  • Use a properly sized box to place your films inside, while leaving some space for packing material such as paper, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Write ‘FRAGILE’ on multiple sides of the box
  • Include your contact information as well as any special requests inside of the box 
  • (Recommended but optional) – Contact us for our Apple AirTag option for enhanced tracking and more peace of mind (read more below)

Shipping Instructions:

  • Thank you for choosing Everlasting Studios to safely transfer your precious films!
  • Use your preferred shipping company
  • We recommend requiring a signature and including tracking on your shipment
  • Send your carefully packaged films to:
    Everlasting Studios
    535 Topping Lane Unit 11
    London, ON, N6J3M8

Enhanced Tracking

Apple AirTag Tracking

  • Introducing better peace of mind when shipping your precious films!
  • We will ship you an activated Apple AirTag to include in your shipment to us ($50 deposit required)
  • Once we receive your deposit and shipping information, we will send you the AirTag to use for more precise and reliable tracking
  • As shown in the video below, AirTags are trackers that use Apple’s network of Iphone’s to show you where your shipment is.
  • Contact us for details!


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